Perceval House is located within the London Borough of Ealing and is situated in Ealing town centre, immediately adjacent to Ealing Town Centre Conservation Area.

The property is currently used for Council office accommodation and ancillary uses. Ealing’s Planning Department would welcome a mixed use scheme that would intensify the use of the site given its town centre location, whilst addressing the constraints of the surrounding properties. The Council (in its capacity as Local Planning Authority) is not intending to be prescriptive as to the mix of uses, density or height, although it should be noted:

  • If it remains on site the Council’s office accommodation will demonstrate a mix of employment uses. If the Council’s offices are located elsewhere, then the site’s contribution to the office corridor needs to be considered. Perceval House is located in the Ealing office corridor and as such, the amount of offices provided can be greater than the Council’s requirements.
  • There is a desire for active ground floor uses, which could include retail or leisure accommodation.
  • Residential uses are integral to the proposed development in order to increase housing supply in the borough and to support the local economy.
  • Private sale or private market rent is both attractive to the Council but other forms of tenure may be equally appropriate.
  • 50% of any residential homes should be affordable but the makeup of that affordable element is flexible. Currently we have assumed 25% of affordable homes would be affordable rent and 25% could be a form of discounted market rent.

A more detailed planning statement can be found in the Data Room of the Perceval House website.


The Council commissioned Assael Architecture to undertake a design capacity study for the site. A copy of the study is available to download in the Data Room. Please note that this study is indicative only and is not intended to prescribe the future development of the site.