The Council wishes to enter into a joint venture agreement to redevelop Perceval House from its current use as the main Council offices into a mixed use development.
The Council has six strategic objectives driving this project.


The Council is seeking new office accommodation which will be its HQ for delivery of its functions and those of partner organisations. This will comprise 100,000 sq ft (9,300 sq m) NIA of new civic offices at the outset and a Customer Service Centre/Library of 30,000 sq ft (2,800 sq m) NIA, which can be delivered later. The Council also requires an option to purchase a further 16,500 sq ft (1,500 sq m) NIA of office accommodation. The office accommodation may be provided on the site or in the wider Ealing Broadway area/Ealing Office corridor providing it is developed in accordance with the Employers Requirements.


To develop a high quality mixed use scheme with 50% of housing being affordable.


To share in the development risks and rewards of a successful development in order to increase the return to the Council.


A profitable scheme which will not require the Council to make additional funding available for the cost of its core accommodation requirements, as well as generating a financial surplus.


The Council to have an option to purchase the affordable homes (most likely via Broadway Living) at an agreed price as set out in the Employer’s Requirements.


A high quality scheme that enhances the town centre, both in terms of uses and design.